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EU Citizenship in Cyprus for Everyone

Updated: Feb 12

In recent years, the pursuit of the American 'green card' has been accompanied by the pursuit of European citizenship, residency, and a passport. As of 2023, many Israelis hold additional passports, with many opting for another European passport.

Citizenship in a country member of the European Union (EU) grants equal citizenship across all EU member states, making the European passport one of the most sought-after globally.

Even before the era of the coronavirus, Cyprus became an attractive destination for many Israelis, either for temporary stays or permanent residency.

The pandemic accelerated the trend of migration to Cyprus, turning it into one of the safest places in the world.

Permanent residency in Cyprus provides unrestricted access to European Union countries, and Cyprus' European connectivity is seen as an asset for its residents.


The Permanent Residency Program in Cyprus offers the following benefits:

  • Enjoying the advantages of Cyprus's healthcare and education systems and significant tuition discounts in all European Union countries.

  • Residing in Cyprus without the need to leave the country every three months.

  • Permanent residency in Cyprus does not permit working as an employee.

  • Holding shares in a Cypriot company and receiving dividends is allowed. To maintain your permanent residency, you must visit Cyprus at least once every two years; otherwise, your residency approval may be revoked.

Requirements for obtaining Permanent Residency in Cyprus:

  • Purchase of a new property with a value exceeding 300,000 euros before VAT.

  • The property must be acquired directly from the developer.

  • The property should meet the family's residential needs.

  • Annual income confirmation for the applicant and their family (if necessary).

  • No criminal record.

  • The minimum age for the applicant is 25 years.

  • Submission of health certificates for all applicants.

  • Obligation to visit the property once every two years.

  • Permanent residency does not grant the right to work in Cyprus.

The duration to obtain residency

The expected timeframe to obtain permanent residency is approximately 5-6 months from the payment for the property purchase and the application submission.


Temporary Residency Program in Cyprus (PINK SLIP)

This program allows living in Cyprus without the necessity to purchase any property. However, there is a need to renew residency every year (submitting a renewed application and presenting relevant and updated documents).

In the case of temporary residency, it is not possible to register for the public healthcare system; only private healthcare is available. If you stay outside Cyprus for over three months, your Temporary residency will canceled. 


From Residency to Citizenship

After 5 or 7 years, depending on the program under which the application was submitted, it will be possible to convert residency into citizenship. Foreigners who have completed seven years of residence in Cyprus with a valid status (2,555 days total) can apply for Cypriot citizenship. Applicants must reside in Cyprus continuously for at least one year. Those who are parents or children of Cypriot citizens are allowed to apply within five years (1,825 days).

Permanent residents who have maintained their status for five consecutive years can initiate the naturalization process before completing seven years. One of the primary conditions is the applicant's need to live and reside in Cyprus.


We hope we have successfully clarified the issue of residency in Cyprus comprehensibly, and now the subject is clear to you. For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Ofek Zamarot from the Zamarot Real Estate Group.

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